Your products are engineered to perfection. Shouldn’t your packaging be too?

Innovative solutions from SSI SCHAEFER protect your investment with durable packaging for shipping, supply chain, and storage.

All SSI SCHAEFER packaging products are reusable and are used in a wide variety of industries including white durable goods, automotive, agriculture, heavy equipment, recreation vehicles, manufacturing, electronics, and even food. Whatever your need, SSI SCHAEFER has a solution for you.

Innovative Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER


Reusable packaging is a perfect way to bring sustainability to your supply chain.

However, many components need special handling for storage, assembly, and transport. Damaged parts result in profit loss but it’s easy to prevent if you have the right protection.

That’s why SSI SCHAEFER introduced SCHAEFGUARD®, the largest selection of dunnage materials available for reusable packaging. If your process calls for increased protection of precision parts, electronics, or bulk items, implement a custom SCHAEFGUARD dunnage solution.


Guarding against static shock requires the use of materials having anti-static, conductive, or static dissipative properties. Electrostatic discharge can destroy sensitive electronic components, erase or alter magnetic media, and even cause explosions. SSI SCHAEFER safeguards against these risks by utilizing materials with ESD properties such as thermoplastics, foams, and textiles.


Due to unique sizes and shapes, some products require special container sizes. These products are either too large or too small to be shipped in standard containers. To address this, SSI SCHAEFER cuts standard containers to specific lengths, widths, or heights and hand welds components to create a custom container that fits your exact requirements.

OEM Approved Supplier

SSI SCHAEFER is proud to serve as an OEM Approved supplier to Tier-1 and Tier-2 automotive parts manufacturers. Click a logo below to view their specifications.