SSI SCHAEFER Custom Fit Reusable Packaging Systems


Take another look at SCHAEFGUARD® custom dunnage from SSI SCHAEFER.

The packaging experts at SSI SCHAEFER are adding capabilities for custom dunnage and cut and weld containers.

You’ll find new solutions like water jet, textile sewing, and welding technologies.

With over 80 years in the warehouse industry, our team knows what it takes for protection during assembly, storage, or transport.

Custom dunnage for speakers
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Watch this video to see the process of creating a custom dunnage set for car speakers. From consultation to 3D CAD design all the way to prototype and production, the SCHAEFGUARD® dunnage experts deliver.

At SSI SCHAEFER, our dunnage experts know how important it is to get packaging products on time when you need it.

That’s why SSI SCHAEFER has locations and representatives located worldwide and throughout North America. From manufacturing locations in the U.S. and Mexico to representatives in Canada, no matter where you’re located, SSI SCHAEFER can help.

A new generation has spurred a new way of thinking, and SSI SCHAEFER delivers.

Reusable packaging solutions create a sustainable supply chain, and new investments in dunnage technology makes SCHAEFGUARD® the leading protection when it comes to reusable packaging.  SSI SCHAEFER has an array of dunnage options ensuring that even the most precision parts are safe and secure.

Each packaging application is different, that’s why SSI SCHAEFER is investing in new technologies to provide custom solutions.

From the initial design of a custom fit dunnage solution to a specialty reusable container or bulk bin, SSI SCHAEFER delivers where others can’t. New ideas in reusable packaging makes the difference. Try something new and contact an SSI SCHAEFER packaging expert and see how we package things differently.

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