A GMA Pallet that Changes the Game for Sustainable Closed Loop Supply Chains

A GMA Pallet that Changes the Game for Sustainable Closed Loop Supply Chains

CHARLOTTE, NC, March 2nd – Schaefer Plastics North America, a leader in reusable packaging systems and custom dunnage, announced today a game changing new GMA pallet for closed loop supply chains. Part of the PALLET+™ product line, the new PALLET+ 910 reduces both waste and brings efficiency in material handling and logistics. While reusable plastic pallets aren’t new to the market, the all-new PALLET+ 910 enables 35 pallets per stack brining 910 pallets per truckload. This cubed footprint is one of many features that changes the game on sustainability in the market. Plus, it’s the only pallet that is both nestable and rackable on the market.

“We’re dedicated to sustainability,” stated Andy Schumacher, Vice President of Packaging for Schaefer Plastics North America, LLC.  “One of the ways we do this is to bring truly sustainable products to the market, and the PALLET+ 910 is one of them. This pallet represents 60 percent less in transport costs, which not only saves money, but it’s better for the environment. Furthermore, the PALLET+910 works with our Schaefer Track and Trace service so the asset is completely traceable. Since it’s made from 100 percent recyclable materials, even when the product has reached its end-of-life service, it gets recycled—again, it’s a complete bottom line booster and helps save the environment,” continued Schumacher.

Long-time retail supply chain veteran Dan Kroeker came up with the idea to revolutionize the pallet industry, and the PALLET+ 910 is the result of those efforts. SSI SCHAEFER is partnering with Dan to bring his vision to the market. “My goal was to create a pallet that would save companies money during transportation, storage, and material handling. I knew it had to be durable, nestable, and rackable, as well as eco-friendly and truly cost-effective to change the way the industry currently operates. SSI SCHAEFER is dedicated to bringing new products to the market that provide sustainable options. As a leading plastic manufacturer, intralogistics and material handling provider, it was a perfect fit for them to manufacture this product and bring it to market,” states Kroeker.

The all-new pallet requires only 26 loads vs. 30 loads with traditional wood pallets and requires less forklift moving too, which saves on material handling processes. In addition, the PALLET+910 is washable and is designed to drain so it doesn’t absorb water. Made with a standard 48×40 footprint design, the new PALLET+910 works within the grocery, food and beverage, and other manufacturing industries where 48×40 dimensions are needed. Since it’s made from polypropylene and designed without a bottom board, there are no wood chips or splinters that typically jam automation equipment or plastic breakage. Engineered to nest for easier transport and storage less real estate footprint is needed. The sustainable PALLET+910 will be on display at this year’s PROMAT show in Chicago. To see it in person or want to learn more contact a Schaefer Plastics North America representative.

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Schaefer Plastics North America, LLC. provides reusable packaging, bulk bins, pallets, and dunnage material handling as well as waste technology solutions to businesses throughout North America. Schaefer Plastics North America is part of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, which is headquartered in Neunkirchen, Germany, and designs and manufactures innovative intralogistics storage and picking solutions for all types of industries. Founded in 1937 with offices and plants in over 70 countries and employees over 10,000, The Schaefer Group is a leading Material handling and intralogistics company. For more information, visit ssitote.com.