A Perfect Fit with New Schaefer On-site Solutions Service (S.O.S.)

Schaefer Systems International, Inc., a leader in reusable packaging systems, automation, and material handling systems, announced today that the company is providing clients with on-site packaging design services. The service will deliver a complete turnkey packaging engineer onsite to work with new product launches for OEMs. The new Schaefer On-site Solutions (S.O.S. for short) gives companies the benefit of having expertise with additional headcount from a dedicated team member working on location. While onsite, the SSI SCHAEFER packaging engineer consults and provides valuable insight in real time while new OEM product designs are implemented. This enables a faster turnaround and provides a complete packaging program in one complete step.  


“Since the Schaefer On-site Solutions service takes place directly at the OEM facility, collaboration starts much earlier and is adjustable as manufacturing processes are being planned,” stated Andy Schumacher, Vice President of Packaging Systems Division of Schaefer Systems International, Inc. “This eliminates the need for separate services from multiple vendors and speeds up the go to market timeline for customers,” continued Schumacher.

The entire service includes an on-site packaging engineer, concept modeling, proof of concept prototypes, cost-saving solutions, and complete support throughput the program launch. The Schaefer On-site Solutions implements various manufacturing initiatives too. Process improvement techniques, such as Kaizen, look for existing packaging improvements and cost savings while providing better ergonomics.