Ask a Packaging Expert: Darcy Nettleton

Potential Markets, Sustainability, & the Future of Packaging in Automotive Industry

SSI SCHAEFER is an industry leader in reusable packaging, widely known for innovative designs and sustainable solutions. Serving a variety of industries, SSI SCHAEFER packaging protects customer investments with durable, sustainable solutions.

Our experts guide clients through the packaging design, manufacturing, and maintenance process. In this interview, National Canadian Sales Manager Darcy Nettleton talks industry trends including sustainability, future markets, and the direction of reusable packaging.

Q: Tell us how you got into reusable packaging. Is this where you started your career?

A: My parents started a packaging company in 1981, in 1987 the company started manufacturing returnable packaging for the postal and automotive markets. I worked as a student in the summers and holiday breaks working in the plant fabricating and assembling, I later joined the company full time in 1999 as a sales representative.

Q: You reside in Canada where a lot of automotive OEMs are located. How do you feel about the SSI SCHAEFER product and services to help this industry?

A: I feel SSI is well suited to support this market given our local representation combined with our in-house design and sample capabilities, tote molding, and custom dunnage fabrication.

Q: What other markets do you think would benefit from using reusable packaging?

A: I’d like to see the specialty drug distributors that ship in expendable solutions direct to consumers create a returnable viable closed loop solution.

Q: Sticking on sustainability for a moment, do you think the market will continue to push for even more PCR recycling and the need for ocean bound containers like SSI Clear Stream products?

A: I do think the market will push and pay a premium for sustainable packaging specially from ocean bound plastics. It’s the right solution as we face global pollution and a need for repurposing discarded plastics.

Q: Last question, but our readers would like to read about where you think the market is heading.

A: I believe as the market heads down the EV path the need for traditional large packaging fleets will be reduced as the number of parts per vehicle drops. With that said I think the need for more complex packaging will be required to safely transport the increase in sensitive components and sub-assemblies.

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