The Benefits of Reusable Containers for EV Battery Manufacturing

Due to the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EV) on the roads today, car manufacturers are more focused on their social responsibilities. This includes the use of reusable packaging to transport a large supply of batteries.  In fact, according to Kelley Blue Book, although new vehicle sales decreased by 8% in 2022, EV sales grew […]

Smart Packaging for Smart Products: Protecting Precision Parts

Custom Fit Dunnage and Returnable Packaging from SSI SCHAEFER

When you’re producing goods with precision parts, you shouldn’t have to worry about product safety during shipping. Typically, these products are extremely sensitive and their function is vital for other components to work. While it’s difficult to protect precision parts in normal containers, there are many innovative packaging materials designed to do just that.

Innovative Dunnage Solution for Automotive Trim Parts

This solution came about after our customer requested a unique SCHAEFGUARD solution for shipping their automotive trim parts. They tasked our design staff to come up with a way to hold multiple layers of parts in the NF241505.AS tote. However, there was a catch. The customer wanted to ensure that the internal dunnage layers would […]

Packaging for Electric Vehicle (EV) Automotive

Electric Vehicles (EV) continue to gain popularity. While regular packaging may be okay for certain EV parts, this market heavily prioritizes sustainability. Learn about sustainable packing for the EV industry from SSI SCHAEFER.