Single Source Custom Packaging Solutions


If there is one concept the SSI SCHAEFER packaging division embraced this year, it’s that innovation starts from within. With over 80 years in the warehouse industry, some might ask what new concepts we bring to the table.

Guarding Against Shock with ESD Containers


Just about everyone has experienced this moment: You’re wearing a thick sweater while you cross a carpeted room. You reach for a metal doorknob and feel a shock as you make contact. That’s electrostatic discharge (ESD), or the sudden flow of electricity between two charged objects.

Warehouse Safety Starts with Safer Packaging

Unsafe cardboard box bulging under stress

While profits have traditionally been the top concern for businesses, safety and sustainability have become mainstream issues of focus for companies. However, both of these goals are achievable with reusable packaging. Now more than ever, manufacturers and distributors should examine how warehouse safety can be improved by utilizing reusable plastic packaging and pallets.

Antimicrobial Totes for Sterile Linen Storage

Copper Infused Antimicrobial Totes for Sterile Storage

Copper infused antimicrobial totes for sterile environments Using a special process designed for HandCraft Services, the SSI SCHAEFER copper infused antimicrobial totes create a clean environment for sterile linens during storage. For HandCraft Services, this was an essential element for their automation implementation. “The tote really is a key part of our system,” says General […]

How Sustainable Packaging Is Helping the Auto Industry Keep Sustainability Goals

Sustainable Packaging Is Helping the Auto Industry Keep Sustainability Goals

The automotive sector is currently at a crossroads where technology, profits, environment, and plans for the future intersect—especially when examining the supply chain. To SSI SCHAEFER the future is clear — sustainability is the right path for the global automotive industry, specifically in regards to packaging for precision parts and products. Sustainability is the Next […]

Why Use Sustainable Packaging?

Reusable packaging comes in all shapes and sizes and used in a variety of applications. While some industries have been using reusable packaging for decades, many industries are new to the concept. Overall, sustainable packaging is growing in use and you too can benefit. Plus, when you choose to implement a reusable packaging system, you’re […]