Ship, Assemble, and Return All In One Sustainable Collapsible Tote with Foldaway Dunnage

Schaefer Systems International, Inc., a leader in reusable packaging systems, introduces foldaway, space-saving, collapsible dunnage material that works seamlessly with the SSI SCHAEFER collapsible CF handheld tote series.

This new-patented combination is an unbeatable feature for industries looking to ship parts and return collapsed containers without having to remove the dunnage.

Collapsible container with dunnage

The CF collapsible container system is compatible with both 48” x 45” systems on the market. In addition, the handheld system comes in three different bottom designs for smooth, Crosspad®, and Crosstac, as well as an optional lid. Standard sizes start at 12” x 15”, 24” x 15”, and 24” x 22” but custom sizes are available for specific applications. The dunnage material is made of sewn textiles from the SCHAEFGUARD® dunnage product portfolio. Designed to maximize part to container ratio along with multiple material options translate to lower freight costs and more returned containers per truckload.

“This is a request that many automotive and industrial manufacturers ask for frequently,” stated Andy Schumacher, Vice President of Packaging Systems Division for Schaefer Systems International, Inc. “This SCHAEFGUARD dunnage material combination with the SSI SCHAEFER CF container enables sustainability for OEMs who want to keep product safe from abrasions but want to be respectful of the environment. And since its reusable, it will save on operating costs,” continued Schumacher.

About SSI Schaefer Systems International:

Schaefer Systems International provides storage, materials handling, logistics and reusable packaging, and waste technology solutions to businesses throughout North America. Schaefer Systems International designs and manufactures innovative intralogistics storage and picking solutions for all types of industries as well as plastic containers, pallets, and waste and recycling carts. Schaefer Systems International is part of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, a global leader in logistics and materials handling founded in 1937 with offices and plants in over 70 countries and employees over 10,000. For more information, visit