Single Source Custom Packaging Solutions

If there is one concept the SSI SCHAEFER packaging division embraced this year, it’s that innovation starts from within.

Single source solutions have always been in our DNA. 

And with over 80 years in the warehouse industry, some might ask what new concepts we bring to the table.

This year, global management and packaging division leadership combined efforts for a strategic realignment. By doing this, we’ve created opportunities for growth that pushed us to the forefront of single source packaging providers.

By investing in our manufacturing capabilities, we’ve introduced a new SSI SCHAEFER to the market. Over the last 18 months, we’ve made capital investments that allow us to create in-house solutions tailored to customer needs.

If you haven’t talked to us lately, it’s time we catch up!

The Benefit of Single Sourcing

A single source provider functions as a one-stop shop for your company, offering a solution for every need.  SSI SCHAEFER provides full-service solutions, including plastic warehouse totes, custom dunnage, and bulk bin containers

If there’s something you need, we can provide it — crafted exactly to your requirements.

Whether you’re producing automotive parts or white label goods, you can get value added by single sourcing. 

By converting a significant amount of raw materials in house, SSI SCHAEFER doesn’t need to rely on outside companies. 

By having greater control over our production schedules, we meet customer lead-times, provide product shipments faster if the need arises, and control the quality of fabricated components at a lower cost to the customer.

With manufacturing costs adding up, getting the best value isn’t as simple as ordering your packaging piecemeal from a variety of suppliers. For the best value, purchasing from a single-source provider is the best choice.

What Can SSI SCHAEFER Provide?

If you can think of it, we’ll make it. With our recent expansions, SSI SCHAEFER provides every conceivable variation of dunnage from a broad spectrum of material options, guaranteeing the protection you need. 

Even if your product has a unique shape, we can engineer a solution of custom dunnage and cut-and-weld containers to meet your needs. We provide the full system, manufacturing it all ourselves.

By choosing a single source provider with an array of products like SSI SCHAEFER, customers don’t have to outsource their system from vendors scattered about. 

SSI SCHAEFER ensures that each product and component are compatible, working together without issue. On top of that, we can ship it all together, reducing freight to a singular location.

The bottom line is, even if it means creating something custom, you’ll get the storage and shipping system you need.