Complete reusable packaging design and program management for new product launches and much more. Get on-site packaging design expertise from SSI SCHAEFER.

Get a Perfect Fit for Reusable Packaging Programs with Schaefer On-Site Solutions

Finding the perfect fit for products and part protection is not always easy—especially during a product launch. However, with SSI SCHAEFER, design experts are happy to design dunnage customized to your application.

With the Schaefer On-Site Solutions, we do more than just design—we become a valuable team member. The Schaefer On-Site Solutions provides on-site consultation with a dedicated associate who works with your team at your location.

This service provides a collaborative approach to packaging design. Plus, Schaefer On-Site Solutions provide both packaging design and packaging program support wrapped up in one service. This eliminates the need for separate services from multiple vendors.

SSI SCHAEFER has an experienced staff of design engineers offering sustainable packaging solutions with cost-saving initiatives.

Whether your goal is to reduce costs, minimize packaging waste, or create a sustainable packaging system for your supply chain, SSI SCHAEFER has the expertise you need. Schaefer On-Site Solutions provides on-site design expertise at your location, design consultations, concept modeling, proof of concept prototypes, cost-saving solutions, and complete support throughout the program launch.

In addition, our designers can implement Kaizen initiatives by reviewing existing packaging designs to look for improvements in part protection and ergonomics as well as cost reductions.

Schaefer On-Site Solutions Can Maximize Truckload Capacity with Engineered Custom Dunnage Designs

The Schaefer On-Site Solutions program can increase part protection and lower shipping costs by increasing part density per container. SSI SCHAEFER packaging engineers work alongside your design team in order to create savings with each application. Our team of packaging designers maximizes both container and truckload cube in order to get the most from a complete supply chain loop.

GlobalStac Bulk Containers from SSI SCHAEFER

Materials that Meet or Exceed Standards

No other supplier has more dunnage materials than SSI SCHAEFER. Our reusable packaging designers collaborate with you to determine the best fit and best material. 

From sewn textiles, corrugated plastic, to molded foam packaging, SSI SCHAEFER has a material that is suited specifically to your part protection needs. In addition, since SSI SCHAEFER is on-site our designers can see first-hand the challenges that may ensue. Having that knowledge first-hand is what makes Schaefer On-Site Solutions different when choosing an outsourced partner. The SSI SCHAEFER design team can help protect highly sensitive electronic parts with specialized ESD dunnage materials and containers.

Start Saving Now and Partner with the Experts

Get started lowering your reusable packaging costs with Schaefer On-Site Solutions.

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SCHAEFER On-Site Solutions