Modified side load, top load, and collapsible bulk containers with collapsible dunnage.

For specific assembly or storage applications, modified bulk containers offer an array of choices to help alleviate pain points during manufacturing.

SSI SCHAEFER can modify existing bulk bins to help streamline your process and allow for quick and easy material handling.

SSI SCHAEFER custom bulk containers allow for efficient packing without having to bend or squat. This feature enables customers to easily pack or unload for assembly and are optimal for providing line-side sequencing of parts. Modifications can come with a variety of options such as wheels, vinyl drape, or special dividers.

Many industries use modified bulk containers for assembly, shipping, and even storage of parts.


You’ll find that resourceful innovation is the principle behind the SSI SCHAEFER custom bulk container. Some SSI SCHAEFER modified bulk containers are reinforced with a steel frame to ensure durability and extended life–even in harsh conditions. The interior of each modified bulk container is customized with a vast number of protective dunnage materials and designs.

custom bulk dunnage side load
Custom bulk bin with side load dunnage
custom collapsible bulk dunnage top load
Custom bulk bin with top load dunnage
GLIDERPAC Custom Bulk Container Dunnage

GLIDERPAC: Custom bulk bin with top load dunnage

When your application demands various parts or a kitting to complete a specific process or shipment, the SSI SCHAEFER custom GliderPac, a slide compartment container, works perfect for a variety of industries. Custom designed to meet your product specs, SSI SCHAEFER works with you to design the most efficient solution for your process.

GliderPac allows parts to nest and enables easy access for better ergonomics during assembly.

The slide compartment container is designed to layer by an integrated track. Both bulk bins and handheld containers can incorporate the slide compartments.

The Cut and Weld process isn’t just for totes.

Bulk Bins can also be made to any size.

This example shows two AIAG standard 48×45″ bulk bins that were cut and welded together to create a 48×90″ collapsible bulk bin with two doors.

This example shows two bulk bins that were cut and welded together to create a unique smaller size collapsible bulk bin with two doors.

More examples of modified bulk containers