Pack, ship, and store using the perfect material.

SSI SCHAEFER custom designs the ideal returnable shipping system with protective dunnage materials to meet the needs of every customer.

Through a process of initial consultation, part analysis, and evaluation of handling and transportation methods, SSI SCHAEFER develops the optimal protective system to ensure your products arrive to the final destination in pristine condition.

Utilizing an ever-growing list of protective materials and fabrication principles, SCHAEFGUARD™ by SSI SCHAEFER, protects products from impact, abrasion, vibration, moisture, corrosion, and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

SSI SCHAEFER offers superior part protection through custom designed interior packaging and dunnage.

Our engineers design efficient, cost-effective protective packaging to cradle parts through all stages of assembly, including work in process and transportation. Utilizing materials such as plastic corrugated with protective laminations, polyethylene and cross-linked foams, high-density polyethylene and vacuum thermoformed trays, SSI SCHAEFER can meet specific handling requirements by creating a custom dunnage design. Whether you require shock or vibration protection, part separation, specific orientation for class “A“ parts or electrostatic discharge protection, SSI SCHAEFER manufacturers custom containers meeting your packaging needs.

Corrugated Plastic Dunnage

Corrugated Plastic Dunnage Materials

Corrugated plastic dividers provide a flexible way to create a custom design that fits any size container. Plus, corrugated plastic material allows for a high-density of parts per container. Plastic corrugated is lightweight, inexpensive, and resists moisture.
Foam Dunnage

Foam Dunnage Materials

SSI SCHAEFER offers dunnage in XLPE cross-linked polyethylene, standard polyethylene, and polyurethane foams. Foams offering ESD protection are also available. Foams can be cut to any dimension and in a variety of densities. Die cut, saw cut, or water jet cut for precision tolerances are all available for foam dunnage.
Laminate Dunnage

Laminate Dunnage Materials

Laminates protect by adding a smooth and non-abrasive surface. With an extra layer of protection, laminates work great as custom dividers designed specifically for your parts needs. SSI SCHAEFER laminates provide class “A“ part protection. Mostly used in automotive, laminates are also well suited for other industries.
Molded Foam Dunnage

Molded Foam Dunnage Materials

Molded foams are fabricated from expanded polypropylene or expanded polyethylene beads. Each material is lightweight and easily molds to replicate an exact shape of each part. Molded foams offer a high resistance to impact with increased shock absorption for class “A” protection. Also, molded foams are available with ESD protection.
ESD Dunnage

ESD Dunnage

Sensitive electronic components need special protection against static shock. SSI SCHAEFER offers a family of products that provide protection in anti-stat, conductive, and static dissipative ranges. Materials such as thermoplastic resins, plastic corrugated, solid sheet, foams, and molded foams are used to form or fabricate a custom protective system to meet specific application needs.

Heavy and Thin Gauge Vacuum Thermoforming Dunnage

Vacuum Thermoformed Dunnage

Extruded plastic sheet is heated and formed over a mold to create a contoured tray that cradles and protects each specific part. This process allows nesting of parts and increases part density. In addition, tray cavities form to carry multiple variations of the same part. Trays can stack or nest during shipping and storage. Plus, all SSI SCHAEFER trays are recyclable. Common materials are high-density polyethylene (HDPE), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polypropylene (PP).

Molded Urethane Dunnage

Molded Urethane Dunnage Material

Molded urethane is a highly durable, impact resistant option for protection and transportation of heavy machine parts, glass, engine components, and large body panels. This form of dunnage is commonly used in custom racks but can be applied to other forms of packaging.
P-Lite Dunnage

P-Lite Dunnage Material

P-Lite is a foamed polypropylene solid sheet that offers class “A“ protection. Offering greater structural integrity over corrugated materials, P-Lite can be die cut to create custom shapes. The product is lightweight, resists moisture, and does not wear as easily as corrugated materials.
Polyurea Coating Dunnage

Polyurea Coating Dunnage Material

Polyurea is a durable finish that is resistant to abrasion, sharp edges, and chemicals. Heat resistant up to 200° F, Polyurea can be applied to many surfaces such as foams, molded plastics, and steel. Polyurea extends the life of parts by taking the brunt of the wear incurred during handling and transportation.

HDPE Plastic Dunnage

HDPE Plastic Dunnage Materials

Dunnage products made of HDPE are machined to meet custom requirements. HDPE is a durable dunnage material that is perfect for heavy-duty engine parts. The machining process allows for detailed cradle options that some processes can‘t match.

Textile Dunnage

Textile Dunnage Materials​​

SSI SCHAEFER textile dunnage is lightweight, provides class “A” protection, and significantly increases part density. Textile dunnage requires no tooling cost. In addition, textiles include soft texture woven and non-woven fabrics such as polyesters, vinyl, nylons, Tyvek® and Evolon®*. Materials can be designed to create cell dividers, partitions, pouches, bags, bonnets and curtains.

Rubber Dunnage

Rubber Dunnage Materials

Rubber is a non-marring and anti-slip surface that is highly resistant to wear. Rubber adds increased shock absorption and added traction to keep heavy parts in place during handling. Plus, rubber is resistant to moisture and chemicals. SSI SCHAEFER provides rubber cut to size for individual container footprint requirements.

Steel and Wire Dunnage

Steel and Wire Dunnage Materials​

Steel or wire dunnage inserts allow parts to be secure and remain separate during usage—providing individual part separation for assembly or transport. Good for washing and degreasing applications. Typical materials include zinc or stainless steel and can be polyurea coated.