Our team of dunnage experts works with you to create a tailored solution.

A SCHAEFGUARD Success Story.

Foam cut on a waterjet provides protection for this dunnage set for automotive parts.

SCHAEFGUARD custom dunnage protects delicate precision parts while safeguarding heavy-duty components, allowing any manufacturer to implement sustainability while saving costs. 

SSI SCHAEFER engineers and designers provide decades of experience developing custom products for diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, appliance, and electronicsFrom custom totes and pallets to part-specific dunnage, our team designs solutions to protect products and strengthen supply chain performance.

What are the benefits of a customized dunnage solution?

SHAEFGUARD solutions are designed to:

  • Optimize parts orientation
  • Eliminate product damage
  • Streamline assembly with kitting function
  • Maintain uniform packing 
  • Reduce risk of shock with insulation
  • Prevent contamination
“SSI SCHAEFER has worked with AWNC and its tier one and tier two suppliers to come up with a solid and safe way to package and ship material to arrive safely and defect-free. The SSI SCHAEFER creative dunnage solution designs have been well received in our quality department.“



SSI SCHAEFER packaging experts work to observe processes before the design phase. This first step is crucial to gather data and understand exact working conditions.

SSI SCHAEFER packaging engineers work on a design for your specific solution. By selecting the highest quality materials, our team designs a cost effective and durable product.

After concept approval, SSI SCHAEFER provides a detailed timeline and an itemized quote with terms and conditions.

Before manufacturing, clients receive a prototype. Prototyping allows SSI SCHAEFER to determine the best fit and protection.

After proving the concept, the team validates each process. This is a crucial step in making certain that custom containers and dunnage meet expectations in the field.

SSI SCHAEFER has over 80 years of manufacturing experience. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified and includes quality assurance testing.

Your SSI SCHAEFER consultant continues to stay in touch. Should your process change as your business grows, SSI SCHAEFER works with you to enhance your program with your processes.


When it comes to protecting precision parts, reusable containers and bulk bins offer protection that expendable corrugated materials can’t match.

With SCHAEFGUARD from SSI SCHAEFER, manufacturers have the best in product protection while being engineered for maximum part-to-container ratio.

Each piece is manufactured using our ISO 9001 process and meets the SSI SCHAEFER Green Logistics seal of approval. The SSI SCHAEFER manufacturing facility includes the latest in energy savings tools and techniques.

Process Control

Quality Control Process

Each project includes

  • Prototype testing
  • Documented manufacturing process
  • Step-by-step sign off protocols
  • First article assembly check
  • Final fit and function inspection


Die cutting is an inexpensive fabrication method that allows multiple numbers of the same or different dunnage components to be cut at the same time. Components can be nested closely together to minimize the amount of raw material scrap and reduce the finished cost of each unit. Each die has a long life cycle and is repairable, both easily and inexpensively, when wear or damage occurs.

Sewn textile dunnage


Sewn textile dunnage offers a strong, durable way to secure materials together. SSI SCHAEFER offers industrial sewing capabilities that allow textiles to be sewn together or to other dunnage materials such as plastic. SSI SCHAEFER can sew textile materials to the cut edge of plastic corrugated partitions to create a soft protective binding that prevents mar and abrasion to parts that are loaded and unloaded from dunnage sets.

water jet cutting foam overhead drone footage


The water jet manufacturing process allows intricate designs to be cut from foams, plastics, and composite materials. Water jet applications utilize CNC precision with the cutting power of a high pressure stream of water. Parts are nested closely together minimizing raw material waste without the investment of tooling or dies.

SSI SCHAEFER is committed to investing in new technologies to provide custom solutions.

From the initial design of a custom fit dunnage solution to a specialty reusable container or bulk bin, SSI SCHAEFER delivers where others can’t. New ideas in reusable packaging makes the difference.

animation of water jet cut foam dunnage
Injection Molded

Injection Molded

SSI SCHAEFER designs injection molded dunnage as a drop-in insert for existing totes or molded into a tote as a single unit. Injection molded dunnage maintains highly precise tolerances and maximizes part density within the tote—making it an excellent fit for robotic and automated systems. Injection molded dunnage is suggested for high volume production applications.

CNC Machined

CNC Machined

A CNC (computer numeric control) machine moves a cutter head around a large surface area within X-, Y-, and Z-axes areas—allowing it to make 3-D movements. The cutter head moves through the material in any direction allowing it to cut any shape from virtually any material including plastic, foam, aluminum, wood, and composites. The head can cut, carve, or machine the material it is converting.

Machined HDPE

Machined HDPE

Dunnage components are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and ultra-molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW). Foamed high-density polyethylene has the strength of HDPE but is lighter in weight. SSI SCHAEFER creates complicated part cradles or tight tolerance trays for both robotic and automated systems.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is a process whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are applied with pressure in a concentrated area. The acoustic vibrations create a weld point for common or uncommon materials that are fused together making mechanical fasteners such as screws, bolts, or adhesives unnecessary. This process works particularly well for thermoplastics.


Watch these videos to see the process of creating a custom dunnage set. From consultation to 3-D CAD design all the way to prototype and production, the SCHAEFGUARD® dunnage experts deliver.