Guarding Against Shock with ESD Containers

The Shocking Truth

That’s nothing more than an annoyance in your personal life, but in the logistics world, it can mean the difference between a dead product and a functioning product. Electronic parts not only face the same shipping dangers as other products, they also need to account for ESD. Static buildup can wreak havoc on sensitive parts you’re shipping. And with the new era of Internet of Things (IoT), there are a lot of electronic parts.

Finding the Right Protection

There are both dissipative and conductive containers on the market, and knowing what they both do can keep your products safe in the end. With conductive containers, a low electrical resistance allows electrons to flow from a container to another object. While it offers some protection, this can still be dangerous and is not the best solution for a manufacturing application.

Ohm chart displaying ESD containers ranges

With the right ESD container,  the charge flows to a ground position in a slow and controlled manner. Thanks to a surface resistance equal to 106 ohms/square but less than 109 ohms/square, the risk of electrostatic charges are extremely low. This is how ESD containers prevent discharge from human contact.

It’s important to offer this kind of protection because employees are usually a prime cause of electrostatic discharge during assembly and shipping.

ESD Containers Protect Precision Parts

With SSI SCHAEFER ESD containers, electronic parts are thoroughly protected by allowing electrical currents to bypass components and discharge to the ground. The charge flows to a ground position in a slow and controlled manner. The risk of electrostatic charges are extremely low, and ESD containers prevent discharge from human contact.

Custom Design to Fit Your Precision Parts

While ESD containers will protect parts from electrostatic currents, sometimes you need an even more custom-designed solution for your product specifications. It’s not always as simple as finding a one-size-fits-all container, after all. SSI SCHAEFER provides custom packaging solutions with sustainable, ergonomic, and reusable options that include ESD dunnage.

Custom ESD Dunnage

By using materials such as thermoplastic resins, corrugated plastic, and foams to fabricate a custom protective solution, ESD dunnage can provide anti-stat, conductive, and static dissipative ranges. Best of all, custom fit ESD dunnage can protect parts from shock, while still offering protection against vibrations, side impacts, and part separation.

SSI SCHAEFER ESD products offer the best option for protecting your parts. Products include:

  • Collapsible folding containers
  • Straight wall containers
  • Corresponding lid options
  • Both European and North American standard sizes

Whether you need to ship sensitive electronic parts or uniquely shaped components, SSI SCHAEFER has ESD containers and dunnage designed to fit your needs while protecting sensitive products from electrostatic shock.