Introducing GlobalStac™, the Collapsible Bulk Container with a Global Footprint

CHARLOTTE, NC – March 29, 2017 – The Packaging Systems Division of SSI Schaefer Systems International, a leader in reusable packaging systems, introduces the GlobalStac™ bulk container. GlobalStac is the newest addition to the SSI SCHAEFER bulk container family and collapses for easy return shipping. With its global footprint, it’s the only container on the market that maximizes both sea containers and tractor trailers.

“The GlobalStac is an innovative way to maximize cube utilization,” said Dave McCulloch, CEO of Schaefer Systems International’s packaging systems division. “By using GlobalStac, our customers can now send more product with each truckload and sea container. It’s a great way to maximize revenue with every shipment,” continued McCulloch.

SSI SCHAEFER introduced the GlobalStac prototype late last year, but production has now started in Charlotte, NC. The GlobalStac offers 95% cube utilization in both 40’ sea containers and 53’ tractor trailers. It features a 12.9” collapsed height and allows up to 256 containers upon return shipment for tractor trailer truckloads and 176 units in 40’ sea containers. GlobalStac encompasses the lightest tare weight in comparable bulk container products on the market and is available in seven height selections. GlobalStac is now available worldwide and will be on display during ProMat in booth S2903 April 3rd through the 6th.