Protective Dunnage for Delivering Precision Parts Without Worry

Protective packaging is one of the most important aspects of the supply chain. Whatever your specific application may be, SCHAEFGUARD® is designed to protect your product.

SCHAEFGUARD Custom Packaging Solutions

From talking to our customers, we know the last thing anybody wants is to ship their sensitive class “A” surface parts knowing they’ll be scratched, gouged, and cracked in the process. Thankfully, product damage isn’t an inevitability.

That’s because you can protect sensitive parts and precision goods with SCHAEFGUARD custom dunnage.

Innovation Meets Expertise

SSI SCHAEFER is in the unique position to bring you innovative trends with time-tested methodologies. While we’ve pushed ourselves to bring more innovative products to market, we also draw upon decades of expertise to make sure all product designs and materials are top quality.

Protective Dunnage Materials

From cut and weld handheld containers to ESD protection, our packaging systems are designed to ensure secure cargo during transportation — and your peace of mind.

What Can SCHAEFGUARD® Protect?

Our packaging experts create solutions for any needs you have. What are some of the sensitive precision parts we cater to?

  • Class “A” surface parts: This includes high gloss painted body parts, molded in color and wood grain trim parts, and leather components.
  • High-end electronic parts: Including navigation systems, circuit boards, and entertainment systems.
  • Safety parts: This can include air bags, sensors, seat belts, glass, and mirrors.
  • Lighting: This means headlights, taillights, and other lighting components.
Plastic Corrugated Divider Set with Soft Shield Slings and Xlpe Foam Cushions in CF242211 Collapsible Tote

How does SCHAEFGUARD Custom Dunnage Protect Your Parts?

No matter what industry you’re in, SCHAEFGUARD offers top of the line protective packaging for parts protection. Our custom designed packaging and dunnage solutions meet automotive OEM container specifications, and also serve the appliance, electronics, medical device, military, pharmaceutical, and recreational vehicle industries.

What can we create to protect your product? Well, with our capabilities and product line — almost anything you need. Our capabilities include:

Cross-Linked Foam Dunnage

Our water jet cutting process can shape XLPE cross-linked polyethylene foam to be the perfect fit for your specific product dimensions.

Plastic corrugated and XLPE foam multi-layer dunnage set

Molded EPP Foam

We fabricate our molded foam dunnage solutions from expanded polypropylene or expanded polyethylene beads. This creates a lightweight foam that replicates the exact shape of your parts. This is especially useful because the foam offers high impact resistance and shock absorption for class “A” protection.

schaefer molded foam polystyrene cooler

ESD Product Line

We can also create a SCHAEFGUARD dunnage system that offers ESD protection within anti-stat, conductive, and static dissipation ranges. We utilize thermoplastic resins, corrugated plastics, solid sheets, foams, and molded foams to customize a dunnage system to meet your specific needs.

Electrostatic Dissipative Dunnage and Returnable Packaging from SSI SCHAEFER

Modified Bulk Bins

Our experts can modify existing bulk bins to any size, streamlining your process and improving material handling. This solution helps your team pack or unload for assembly with ease and support line-side part sequencing. We can even customize them to feature wheels, vinyl drapes, and special dividers.

For work in process applications or line side presentation
For work in process applications or line side presentation

Textile Production

Soft textured woven and non-woven fabrics are utilized to design cell dividers, partitions, pouches, bags, bonnets, and curtains. This lightweight class “A” material offers high-density protection that won’t scratch your product.