Schaefer Plastics North America Announces a Breakthrough in Sustainable Dunnage Options for Closed-Loop Supply Chain Applications

Schaefer Plastics North America Announces a Breakthrough in Sustainable Dunnage Options for Closed-Loop Supply Chain Applications

CHARLOTTE, NC, February 23rd – Schaefer Plastics North America, a leader in reusable packaging systems and custom dunnage, announced today a revolutionary new product line for dunnage applications. Clear Stream Dunnage is now available for use in their reusable totes and bins. Clear Stream Dunnage is a plastic corrugated material that utilizes 20+% of recycled ocean bound plastics (OBP). These plastics are at risk to become waste within our oceans. However, by leveraging OBP within a reusable application such as Clear Stream Dunnage, it helps prevent these items from entering our bodies of water. This new product line enables both Schaefer Plastics and its customers to meet their sustainability goals while working towards a more sustainable supply chain.

“We’ve always been a leader when it comes to reusable custom dunnage and bringing sustainable products to the market,” stated Andy Schumacher, Vice President of Packaging for Schaefer Plastics North America, LLC.  “This product is no exception—it’s the first OBP dunnage product in the market. Now, our Clear Stream Dunnage product compliments our Clear Stream reusable container product offering. Offering these two products together is a win-win for the environment and customers who are series about helping the environment,” continued Schumacher.

Clear Stream plastic corrugated dunnage comes in various thickness increments,” explains Schaefer Plastics dunnage expert Mark Ward.  “Today, we can provide Clear Stream Dunnage in polypropylene, as well as custom vacuum thermoformed plastics and even EPP products. Our goal at Schaefer Plastics is to incorporate reusable, sustainable principles not only in our product offerings but also in our production and fabrication operations. By making sustainability a foundation of our business, we in turn make it easier for our customers to meet their sustainability goals,” continued Ward.

The new Clear Stream Dunnage product line will be on display at the upcoming PROMAT trade show in Chicago, IL March 20-23, 2023. For inquiries, please contact your local Schaefer Plastics North America representative or go online at

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