Schaefer Plastics North America Announces the Perfect On-the-Fly Tote with the Just the Right Height

Schaefer Plastics North America Announces the Perfect On-the-Fly Tote with the Just the Right Height

CHARLOTTE, NC, March 13th – Schaefer Plastics North America, a leader in reusable packaging systems and custom dunnage, is announcing a new product today that enables users to create a lightweight tote with the perfect size every time. In certain applications, finding a tote that is extremely lightweight but sturdy enough to carry part components can be tough. Now, SSI SCHAEFER is bringing RightHeight™ to the market. RightHeight™ handheld containers allow users to pick the best height for their application reaching up to 52.57”. Each container consists of a rim and a base and four custom extruded rigid corner posts. The walls can be made from several different materials to meet the customers protection needs. Containers stack easily and allow for a lighter packaging alternative. And when compared to a cut and weld tote, RightHeight™ containers can be a more economical solution.

“There are certain applications where this product fits in nicely,” stated Andy Schumacher, Vice President of Packaging for Schaefer Plastics North America, LLC.  “Our customers can choose from various options for sidewalls, such as fluted or laminated plastic corrugated or solid materials such as HDPE or foamed polypropylene. In addition, SSI SCHAEFER can outfit these totes with various dunnage options as well, which opens an array of possibilities. This product gives the market a cheaper and lighter container alternative for those applications that are extremely price sensitive. We know the market, and this product is in demand for those applications,” continued Schumacher.

When cubed for a 53’ trailer, RightHeight™ allows from 1,664 units up to 2,310. The RightHeight™ product line will be on display at the PROMAT show in Chicago. To see it in person or want to learn more, contact a Schaefer Plastics North America representative.

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