A comprehensive reusable container asset and recovery management service that lowers costs within your supply chain.

The Schaefer Track and Trace (ST&T) service simplifies returnable packaging programs and enables fast recovery of assets.

This implements a management asset tracking solution for your entire supply chain. SSI SCHAEFER manages the entire reverse logistics process for reusable packaging assets throughout every stage of the supply chain process.

Streamlining costs throughout an entire manufacturing process can be tough, but with ST&T, manufacturers can optimize reusable packaging assets by tracking assets, lower overall assembly costs, gain faster distribution, and ultimately boost profits. ST&T utilizes the latest in GPS technology to track assets while SSI SCHAEFER packaging experts provide quality assurance and maintenance to ensure long life cycles.


Quality Assurance for Each Reusable Packaging

With ST&T, packaging experts inspect each packaging unit to determine the performance, life cycle, and cleanliness of each packaging unit. Each container, pallet, or bulk bin is repaired to work properly or taken out of service and immediately replaced. The rejected unit is immediately sent for recycling.


Data Visibility and Supply Chain Management with Forecasting

Knowing the location of each asset provides visibility into your entire operations process. Supply chains depend on reusable packaging to deliver goods for assembly or retail programs. Making certain each process has enough packaging to move product is a necessity. Gaining this insight helps provide a forecast for shipments and to determine profit.

Plus, getting visibility into locations using GPS and RFID tag technology determines which assets are candidates for chargebacks or pinpoint where bottlenecks are occurring within your process. The ST&T is a cloud-based asset tracking system that provides real-time data and visibility when you need it.


Scale Your Packaging When You Need It

Supply chain demand is driven by market conditions. As with any manufacturing process, production cycles increase or decrease based on order activity or seasonal peaks. ST&T enables manufacturers to scale up reusable packaging inventory when production increases and scale back during periods when the lull occurs. The right amount of reusable packaging is accessible at any given time. With Schaefer, the web-based asset track and trace tools give insight into volumes at any given time.

Ship, Consolidate, Return, and Repeat with SSI SCHAEFER

The ST&T program allows for easy shipments to end-points for both inspection and maintenance. The Schaefer Track and Trace program simply becomes part of the entire process and ensures that each packaging asset is ready for operation. Once assurance and/or repair if needed is complete, units are sent directly back to the manufacturer for the continued process.

Secure and Easy Tracking at Your Fingertips

With a network of over 500,000 actively managed assets, ST&T delivers assurance. Real-time technology provides insight into all inventory levels and gives management the forecasting tools necessary to keep supply chains moving. In addition, ST&T reduces the number of packaging assets purchased and improves ROI. With full and flexible services that aid in the recovery of assets, consolidation, or just-in-time delivery, each program is custom to meet your supply chain operation demands.

Why use Schaefer Track and Trace?

  • Nationwide Infrastructure
  • Complete Full-Service Capabilities
  • Dedicated and Experienced Packaging Experts
  • Cost Savings to Boost Profit
  • Latest in GPS Asset Tracking Technology
  • Dedicated Recovery Network

Start Tracking Your Assets Today

Contact your SSI SCHAEFER account representative to learn more. In as little as six weeks, users can monitor performance, gain insight into return cycles, and audit for compliance.

Schaefer Track and Trace Asset Management