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Innovative Dunnage Solution for Automotive Trim Parts

This solution came about after our customer requested a unique SCHAEFGUARD solution for shipping their automotive trim parts. They tasked our design staff to come …

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Packaging for Electric Vehicle (EV) Automotive

Electric Vehicles (EV) continue to gain popularity. While regular packaging may be okay for certain EV parts, this market heavily prioritizes sustainability. Learn about sustainable packing for the EV industry from SSI SCHAEFER.

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Reusable Packaging Systems Provide Financial and Environmental Benefits

Companies are finding financial, operational, and environmental benefits of utilizing reusable packaging over expendable packaging options.

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The Sustainable Benefits of Single-Source Providers

Less is more when it comes to choosing a single-source packaging provider.

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Molded Foam Packaging that Keeps its Cool for COVID Vaccine Distribution

Learn how SSI SCHAEFER can design a custom SCHAEFGUARD packaging solution for pharmaceuticals – including potential COVID-19 vaccines.

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SSI SCHAEFER Announces Clear Stream Program for Reusable Containers, Part of Ongoing 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders Initiative

SSI SCHAEFER is taking part of the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders initiative and has been selected as the only global material handling company to participate.

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SCHAEFGUARD Engineered Solutions

Protective Dunnage for Delivering Precision Parts Without Worry

Protective packaging is one of the most important aspects of the supply chain. Whatever your specific application may be, SCHAEFGUARD® is designed to protect your product.

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A Perfect Fit with New Schaefer On-site Solutions Service (S.O.S.)

The new Schaefer On-site Solutions (S.O.S. for short) gives companies the benefit of having expertise with additional headcount from a dedicated team member working on location.

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SSI SCHAEFER Announces Schaefer Track & Trace Reusable Container Asset and Recovery Management

The Packaging Systems Division within SSI SCHAEFER will provide complete end-to-end sustainable asset tracking and quality assurance. Clients can now sign up for the new Schaefer Track & Trace (ST&T) service and ship returnable packaging to a designated end-point.

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Schaefer employee sewing face masks

SSI SCHAEFER Starts Producing Face Masks for Distribution Center, Waste Collection Employees, and Clients Amid Shortages

The Packaging Systems Division within SSI SCHAEFER is using its textile dunnage sewing capabilities and leveraging vendor relationships to quickly manufacturer masks for clients, retail distribution center employees, and waste collection workers within North America.

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