Smart Packaging for Smart Products: Protecting Precision Parts

When you’re producing goods with precision parts, you shouldn’t have to worry about product safety during shipping. Typically, these products are extremely sensitive and their function is vital for other components to work. While it’s difficult to protect precision parts in normal containers, there are many innovative packaging materials designed to do just that.

The Shocking Truth

Just about everyone has experienced this moment: You’re wearing a thick sweater while you cross a carpeted room. You reach for a metal doorknob and feel a shock as you make contact. That’s electrostatic discharge (ESD), or the sudden flow of electricity between two charged objects.

That’s nothing more than an annoyance in your personal life, but in the logistics world, it can mean the difference between a functioning product and a box full of scrap materials. Electronic parts not only face the same shipping dangers as other products, they also need to account for ESD, as static buildup can wreak havoc on sensitive parts you’re shipping.

With the right kind of containers, like SSI SCHAEFER ESD Containers, electronic parts are thoroughly protected by allowing electrical currents to bypass components and discharge to the ground.

There is high demand for smarter products, due to the continuously growing Internet of Things—and that just means even more sensitive electronic and precision parts. Many industries, like automotive producers, use precision electronic parts that require special care during assembly, transport, and storage. 

Custom Packaging Dunnage

Custom Design to Fit Your Precision Parts

While ESD containers will protect parts from electrostatic currents, sometimes you need a custom designed solution due to other product specifications. It’s not always as simple as finding a one-size-fits-all container.

SSI SCHAEFER provides custom packaging solutions with sustainable, ergonomic, and reusable options. 

Dunnage: Custom fit dunnage made from plastics corrugated with protective laminations, cross-linked foams, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and vacuum thermoformed trays. These help protect parts from shock, vibrations, side impacts, and part separation while also allowing for specific orientation from assembly.

Cut ‘n Weld: When components require a specific size and shape container, SSI SCHAEFER can mirror-weld a solution. Using heated plate welding, packaging can be shaped to fit any goods.

Side Load Units: Reinforced with a steel frame, SSI SCHAEFER side-load bulk containers extend life in harsh conditions. Protective dunnage and designs fit into this modified container depending on customer needs.

GliderPac: As an ergonomic and efficient option, the GliderPac container has multiple layers of protective dunnage and is secured within standard bulk containers. The dunnage glides along an integrated track to allow for easy part accessibility.

Whether you need to ship sensitive electronic parts or uniquely shaped materials, SSI SCHAEFER has containers and totes designed to fit your needs. Contact us today for more information!