SSI SCHAEFER Announces Sales Agreement for Woodbridge’s Expanded Particle Foam Packaging

Schaefer Systems International, Inc., a leader in reusable packaging systems, has entered into a sales agreement with Woodbridge, a global systems solution provider of fully integrated foam products.

The Packaging Systems Division within SSI SCHAEFER will act as the sales entity pursuing returnable, molded particle foam packaging opportunities and support coverage throughout North America.

This agreement allows SSI SCHAEFER to provide design, manufacturing and distribution support to large industrial manufacturing customers with emphases within the automotive industry. 

“This agreement continues our path to provide the widest array of product to our customers,” stated Andy Schumacher, Vice President of Packaging Systems Division for Schaefer Systems International, Inc. “This agreement is truly a win-win for both parties. It expands the SSI SCHAEFER product portfolio, while extending the Woodbridge sales team,” continued Schumacher.


“With this agreement, Woodbridge and SSI SCHAEFER have more than 100 years of combined experience serving the global market,” said Woodbridge VP & GM, Formed Plastics, Dean Varley. “This partnership strengthens Woodbridge’s goal of providing sustainable reusable products to the market while exceeding customer expectations.”

Expanded particle foam is a semi-rigid closed cell foam. Beads are molded inside an aluminum tool and fused using steam. Almost any shape is achievable; it is non-abrasive, lightweight, and cost efficient for reusable packaging. By nature, it is highly resilient and absorbs energy upon impact, which prevents shock from transport making it ideal for sensitive components. The product is an excellent option for parts with complex geometries, require ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) protection or an environment that necessitates fire retardant packaging. Returnable particle foams include expanded polypropylene (EPP), expanded polyethylene (EPE) and polystyrene/ polyethylene blend (PS/PE).

About SSI Schaefer Systems International:
Schaefer Systems International provides storage, materials handling, logistics and reusable packaging, and waste technology solutions to businesses throughout North America. Schaefer Systems International designs and manufacturers innovative intralogistics storage and picking solutions for all types of industries as well as plastic containers, pallets, and waste and recycling carts. Schaefer Systems International is part of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, a global leader in logistics and materials handling founded in 1937 with offices and plants in over 70 countries and employees over 10,000. For more information, visit

About Woodbridge:
Woodbridge is a privately owned company offering innovative material technologies for application in automotive, commercial, recreational, packaging, healthcare and building products. In addition to its manufacturing operations, Woodbridge offers a full complement of services including: chemical research and development, product and process engineering, tooling, technical support and accredited laboratory testing. Woodbridge operates more than 60 facilities across 10 countries—employing over 7,500 teammates and serving more than 600 customers worldwide. To learn more, visit