SSI SCHAEFER Expands NewStac® Container Options and Adds Beneficial Features

SSI SCHAEFER Expands NewStac Container Options and Adds Beneficial Features

NF NewStac container group from SSI SCHAEFER.

CHARLOTTE, NC – September 12, 2017 – The Packaging Systems Division of SSI Schaefer Systems International, a leader in reusable packaging systems, has expanded the NewStac® product portfolio by adding four new containers with added features and options. The NewStac now comes in a 22” x 24” footprint with four height options. The containers are part of the existing SSI SCHAEFER straight wall container product portfolio—meaning this new addition to the NewStac container family are easily stacked with existing container systems.

New features include four new heights and reduced tare weight than previous versions—providing valuable savings in handling and logistics. The new textured label areas eliminate the need for adding exterior Placards resulting in less material, labor costs and contaminates in recycling. Customers can choose from three bottom options: Smooth, CrossPad®, and CrossStac®. The new heights are 7”, 8”, 11”, and 14”. An attached all plastic hinged lid is also an option for products needing extra protection from dust and debris during shipment or storage.

“When our clients ask for new features, SSI SCHAEFER listens. We’re committed to being a long-term partner for our clients and if we can make their work easier, it’s a win-win,” said Dave McCulloch, CEO of Schaefer Systems International’s packaging systems division. “Schaefer innovates products for green logistics, and the more features we add which help our client’s processes and is better for our environment and sustainability efforts,” continued McCulloch.

About SSI Schaefer Systems International:

SSI Schaefer Systems International provides storage, materials handling, logistics and reusable packaging, and waste technology solutions to businesses throughout North America. SSI Schaefer Systems International designs and manufacturers innovative intralogistics storage and picking solutions for all types of industries as well as plastic containers, pallets, and waste and recycling carts. SSI Schaefer Systems International is part of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, a global leader in logistics and materials handling founded in 1937 with offices and plants in over 50 countries.