The Sustainable Benefits of Single-Source Providers

The Sustainable Benefits of Single-Source Providers

This is what they mean when they say less is more.

Going green is no longer just a gimmicky PR move. For many companies new and old, it is now a core business principal. As these companies look for spaces to add sustainability, logistics and supply chain are an obvious starting point.
Specifically, there are opportunities to add sustainable practices to everything from manufacturing to logistics – including sustainable packaging, product storage, warehousing processes, and overall order fulfillment.

Single Sourcing Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Take packaging, for example. While single-use disposable packaging options are standard for many companies, their lack of reusability adds up over time with additional purchases and by creating more environmental waste. By pivoting to reusable packaging systems that includes bulk bins, pallets, top caps and customized dunnage from a single-source provider, you can take a big step towards diminishing your carbon footprint.

What do we mean by single source provider?

First, SSI SCHAEFER equals one source packaging. This means having a supplier that manufactures, assembles, and ships your whole system — your packaging, your pallets, and more importantly, your dunnage. Instead of manufacturing your packaging system in different facilities around the country and shipping the pieces to an assembly plant for the final step, we produce every part of our packaging systems on our campus.

By keeping this process limited to our campus, we reduce the carbon footprint of your packaging system before it is shipped to you. Currently, many OEM suppliers are making promises to reduce their carbon footprint and reducing supply chain shipments is a great start.

That’s why turning to a single source provider is the green option. With the release of our Clear Stream program, SSI SCHAEFER should be at the top of your list with regards to sustainability efforts. We know its important to source eco-friendly packaging materials — which is exactly what we did by introducing recycled material into our containers with our Clear Stream program


The Big Picture

Yet why should we stop there? Implementing one source packaging cuts down on carbon emissions by reducing the supply chain process. By working with a single source solution provider with capabilities beyond the scope of your packaging needs, you can also add a deeper catalog of services available to your company.

By choosing SSI SCHAEFER, you have access to a wider scope of solutions under a singular umbrella.

While many companies know SSI SCHAEFER as a producer of plastic containers, totes, and pallets, there are other industries that see us from a different POV. This is because SSI SCHAEFER is a global manufacturer of plastic waste and recycling containers and automated intralogistics systems.

We are a global industry leader providing automated storage and retrieval systems to the worlds largest manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and third-party logistics (3PL) companies.

Whether you want to plan an upgrade to a current facility, or plan on adding a new greenfield facility, partnering with SSI SCHAEFER gives you access to almost everything you may need.

This includes everything from automated storage solutions to e-commerce systems.

The many benefits of partnering with a single source provider become clear when you think on a long-term scale. Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain with SSI SCHAEFER as your resource:

Greater Internal Support. When you pair with a true single source provider, your company requires fewer internal resources coordinating those aspects of the supply chain, meaning you have less responsibility on your plate. This frees up your internal resources, allowing you to get more done simultaneously.

Less Providers, Less Headaches. Keeping track of every variable in your operation is a big task. By reducing the amount of moving pieces, you can reduce bottlenecks throughout the company. This simplifies your processes – you aren’t managing several different providers, but a single provider instead.

Help for Big Projects. Whether you’re expanding a facility, building a new one, or even moving to an automated system, single sourcing reduces personnel resources, which makes a huge difference.

Saved Resources. With a single source provider on your side, you have a single point of contact and can save your internal resources for other project management within your company.

By using SSI SCHAEFER as your single source provider, you reduce your carbon footprint and supply chain headaches, while ensuring that your totes, dunnage, and automation systems work seamlessly while using fewer internal resources. Partnering with a single source provider can also open other financial benefits you might need further down the road.

Want to know more from the experts at SSI SCHAEFER, contact us. We’re ready to help.