How Sustainable Packaging Is Helping the Auto Industry Keep Sustainability Goals

The automotive sector is currently at a crossroads where technology, profits, environment, and plans for the future intersect—especially when examining the supply chain.

To SSI SCHAEFER the future is clear — sustainability is the right path for the global automotive industry, specifically in regards to packaging for precision parts and products.

Sustainability is the Next Innovation

According to The state of sustainable supply chains report from EY, “a decade from now, the leading procurement and supply chain organizations will employ sustainability as a lens to comprehensively manage risks, spur product and business model innovation, and connect more effectively with customers and consumers.”

You can already see this taking place, as younger generations enter prime purchasing positions. They are seeking products that reflect personal beliefs and tend to have strong considerations for social and environmental causes — something that is not without merit. This is why you see sustainability entering the conversation more and more.

An Opportunity for the Automotive Industry

There are many opportunities to introduce sustainable practices into the automotive industry, but reusable packaging  is a key area that touches many levels of the supply chain. Since automotive manufacturing requires a continuous stream of precision components, reusable packaging is an excellent way to introduce new sustainable practices into your supply chain.

As companies demonstrate actual eco-friendly practices, there are challenges they have to face. In recent years, environmental and social responsibility was excluded from company and profit goals. Now, more than ever, companies leadership and employees are joining together to make a difference and putting sustainability in the forefront.

While many companies overlook long-term resilience in order to focus on short-term profits, viewing sustainability through the lens of “risk to business continuity,” according to Craig Scott at The Guardian, makes the long-term approach an easier case to make.

That’s why automotive leadership should view reusable packaging as an inroad to business continuity through sustainability.

Purchasing once and continuously using the same packaging has an obvious appeal, but there are some other benefits, as well. They include:

  • Protection: Precision parts are better protected, allowing for lower warranty claims.
  • Costs: When packaging is returned and ready for the next load, it cuts out the cost of more single-use containers.
  • Safety: Reusable packaging can lower workplace injuries — thanks to pallets with less weight and an ergonomic design implementation.
  • Efficiency: Containers can be designed to fit your parts and your supply chain.

Reusable packaging solutions from SSI SCHAEFER are compatible with sustainability and corporate responsibility trends. Ultimately, the goal is to help companies reduce their carbon footprint while still protecting goods from damage. Best of all, SSI SCHAEFER packaging products not only meet both AIAG and European standards, they are also made with 100% recyclable material — guaranteeing sustainability in your supply chain.

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