Why Use Sustainable Packaging?

Reusable packaging comes in all shapes and sizes and used in a variety of applications. While some industries have been using reusable packaging for decades, many industries are new to the concept. Overall, sustainable packaging is growing in use and you too can benefit. Plus, when you choose to implement a reusable packaging system, you’re helping to make a difference in your global footprint.

If you are new to sustainable packaging and have a goal of reaching sustainability, you will find that implementing a reusable packaging program will not only just meet your goals—but surpass them. You will achieve other benefits as well. Just by adding reusable containers in your everyday process, you will start seeing a return on your investment within a short amount of time. However, you will most likely see these benefits too.

Durable Protection

Purchase once and continue use is the main goal for most manufacturers. Lowering the supply chain costs throughout the production process is key. However, once you lower costs, you can also lower your warranty claims. Reusable packaging provides the utmost protection for your parts. Even the most delectate or precision-made instruments achieve protection from side impacts or drops when using reusable packaging.

Lower Shipping Costs

Another key advantage for implementing a reusable packaging program is that your containers get returned and ready to use again for your next load. Single-use containers continue to cost money with each shipment. Reusable packaging provides continuous use and provides a long shelf life.

Safety Matters

With reusable packaging, you will find lower workplace injuries. Most containers and pallets have less weight and offer ergonomic handles to reduce the risks of injuries. Plus, each product is made of durable polypropylene or high-density polyethylene, which means no splinters or pallet / container rot.

Better Access / Supply Chain Process for Assembly

Reusable containers also provide the utmost efficiency when it comes to assembly, storage, and transport. Containers that fit your specific parts work well within your supply chain. Some Containers and bulk bin models provide a collapsing feature that providing easy access to parts. Also, containers can be modified to specific meet your process needs. Designers can work with your team to determine the need and study exactly how the process should work. Retrofits to any design can save time and money.