SSI SCHAEFER packaging systems believes in creating a world where our products make a difference.

It all began with a box, but turned into something much more 80 years later.

When Fritz Schäfer founded a manufacturing company for sheet metal products in 1937, no one ever suspected the company would become the world’s leading provider of solutions for logistics systems and material handling products. Today, the company continues with the tradition of making a difference for the clients we serve.

Original drawing of patented SCHAEFER storage bin


We strive to develop reusable packaging that helps drive sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Innovative Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER

Our packaging solutions help companies reduce their carbon footprint while protecting goods from damage.

We’ll partner with you to help deliver a solution that’s right for your supply chain and process workflow.

From pallets and top caps to reusable shipping containers, SSI SCHAEFER has a solution for you. Our team can even create custom packaging using dunnage or other materials to help ensure your most delicate products are handled correctly.

Our long history of entrepreneurship and innovation means that you’ll find the right product to help protect your assets, foster growth, and practice sustainability.


More than ever, companies are facing the challenge of demonstrating actual contribution to sustainable development.

Environmental and social responsibility traditionally has been excluded from profit goals, but today, this just isn’t the case. Company leadership along with employees are joining to make a difference and SSI SCHAEFER can help.

Our team will introduce you to our recycling program so that you can obtain credit towards your new SSI SCHAEFER packaging purchase—and we’ll handle all the details allowing you to meet your sustainability goals.

While SSI SCHAEFER products are made with the utmost quality and have long-lasting durability, you’ll be happy to know that all containers, bins, and pallets are also 100% recycled. One of our packaging experts will gladly consult with you on a complete packaging solution.

SSI SCHAEFER will help design a program that allows for a trade-in of your old packaging products towards a purchase of a new system.

SSI SCHAEFER packaging products are made with 100% recyclable material.


Reusable Packaging Association

The packaging division of SSI SCHAEFER works closely with the Reusable Packaging Association in order to collaborate between supply chain partners and advocate the environmental and economic benefits of reusable packaging. Our team helps to support the industry in order to deliver sustainability to a broader audience. These efforts help support our mission of delivering sustainable reusable products to users worldwide.

ISO 9001

Providing quality is second to none for SSI SCHAEFER. SSI SCHAEFER is ISO 9001 certified and our packaging team focuses daily on a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our products carry a standard warranty and SSI SCHAEFER quality tests each product to ensure durability throughout its life-cycle. Our testing methods go beyond industry standards to ensure that your purchase of reusable products is the best value on the market.