Lightweight bulk containers collapse for lower shipping costs.

Reusable Sleeve Packs for Sustainable Supply Chains

Reusable sleeve packs are made from corrugated plastic sleeves that sit inside a vacuum-thermoformed pallet.

The sleeves collapse for lower return shipping costs and save on storage space.

Tops for sleeve packs come in two options. First is a mirror image pallet, which allows the same pallet to be used as the top or bottom. This reduces SKUs to track and provides a true interlocking leg for safer stacking. Dedicated top caps provide a lower profile and allow for increased stacking heights.


Reusable Sleeve Packs Collapse for Lower Shipping Costs

Whether it is manufacturing, retail, or providing raw materials, sleeve packs provide a great way to move products within the supply chain and save on transportation costs.

In addition, this type of reusable packaging enables easy access to materials. SSI SCHAEFER provides options such as a drop gate or access door, which gives ergonomic access to goods. Also, a c-sleeve option is available for applications needing the flexibility of removing one or both sides for easy access

Multiple footprints are readily available

45×24×30" Sleeve Pack

48×40×42" Sleeve Pack

48×45×42" Sleeve Pack

48×62×42" Sleeve Pack

45×24×30" Sleeve Pack

A Solid Pallet Footing for Nesting and Stacking

With sleeve packs, durability is key when shipping.

However, not all pallets are equal. SSI SCHAEFER builds each sleeve pack with a vacuum thermoformed pallet. When collapsed, pallet legs nest inside the bottom pallet giving an efficient way to store until needed. This also enables an increase in the amount for return shipments–saving you money.

Pallets come in standard black recycled material. Custom colors or an extruded colored stripe options are available for easy callouts or visibility in specific manufacturing processes.

48×40×42" Sleeve Pack

Reusable Sleeve Packaging Available for an Array of Applications

Reusable sleeve packs, plastic gaylords, collapsible bulk or lightweight corrugated bulk bin, are just some of the terms used to describe this multifaceted shipping platform.

Multiple footprints are readily available and the cost to tool custom sizes is relatively inexpensive. An array of applications are well suited for in house use and external supply chains. These reusable packaging units are perfect for:

  • Injection-molded parts, where protection against scratches and dings are needed,
  • Raw materials for continuous sustainable manufacturing loop processes,
  • Cut and sewn textiles for assembling and finishing operations,
  • Medical applications where easy cleaning is required,
  • Retail and grocery applications for product shipments, farmers markets, or aisle displays,
  • Consumer goods appliance applications that need protection during work in process or component shipments.

48×45×42" Sleeve Pack

Options that Meet Specific Application Needs

At SSI SCHAEFER, our packaging experts understand that each application is different.

While one process may require a specific packaging unit, another requires something else that may need a custom component. As with every reusable packaging product we manufacturer, SSI SCHAEFER sleeve packs have options for almost any application. Choose from the following:

  • Two-piece c-sleeve for full product access,
  • Folding gate or door drop for better ergonomic access,
  • Extended height for applications needing taller walls,
  • Smaller footprints for applications needing a lower profile and increased unit stacking,
  • Custom dunnage dividers, foam components, or textile inserts for improved part protection during

48×62×42" Sleeve Pack