High-energy absorption and excellent cushioning over a broad loading range.

Molded foam dunnage is a low density, semi-rigid closed cell foam.

EPE or EPP beads, with the use of a blowing agent, expand inside a mold and are formed using pressure and steam.

It can be formed into almost any shape, is non-abrasive, lightweight, and cost efficient.

Molded foam demonstrates high-energy absorption and excellent cushioning over a broad loading range preventing shock from transferring to the products it protects. Due to its high service temperature properties, it is used to develop heat-resistant packaging for electronics, energy-absorbing automotive components, and automotive dunnage applications.

  • Expanded polypropylene (EPP)
    • Mold ability, light weight, good heat, oil, and insulating properties, excellent shape memory, ability to take multiple impacts
  • Expanded polyethylene (EPE)
    • Similar characteristics to EPP but with a very soft and smooth surface which lends itself well to packaging parts with sensitive finishes that require non-abrasive contact
  • Expanded polystyrene / polyethylene (EPS/EPE Hybrid branded as ARCEL® from NOVA Chemicals)
    • Cost effective, higher compression strength foam, ideal for tote inserts, dunnage bars, and cold chain coolers

Q&A with a Schaefer Packaging Expert: Molded Foam Material and Application​

SSI Schaefer has establishment a commercial sales agreement with The Woodbridge Group.

SSI’s Packaging Systems Division will act as the exclusive sales entity pursuing returnable, Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) foam packaging opportunities throughout the United States and Canada and Mexico.

This agreement will allow SSI Schaefer to provide outstanding design, manufacturing, and distribution support to large industrial manufacturing customers with a highlighted concentration in the automotive industry.

Woodbridge maintains manufacturing facilities in Kitchener Ontario, Chattanooga Tennessee, as well as Leon & Puebla, Mexico. Design and prototyping support is offered in Eastern Michigan, Charlotte, NC and San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

SSI Schaefer and The Woodbridge Group share more than 123 years of combined experience serving global markets with highly innovative custom products that continuously exceed customer expectations. Both companies focus on sustainable, environmentally conscience product solutions that elevate the concept of what is possible.